AeroAdmin 4.9

Creates a remote connection to computer desktop
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Establish a remote desktop connection with another computer via the Internet by installing the access utility on both machines and scanning the network for available responding devices. No LAN or NAT connection required, the connection is configured automatically.

AeroAdmin - free remote desktop software and remote desktop connection.
You can easily connect to any remote computer connected to the Internet, behind NAT or in other LAN without configuration and installation within a few seconds. The software allows full control of remote PC and you can work with remote computer as if you were sitting right in front of it.

AeroAdmin generates ID of each computer it was launched on based on hardware characteristics. ID can't be changed what adds extra security to all remote desktop connections.

AeroAdmin utilizes an advanced system of performance auto optimization which makes working with remote computer on low bandwidth and mobile Internet connections possible.

Key features:
- No installation, registration or configuration required
- Works behind NAT
- File trasnfer
- Unattended access
- Unlimited parallel sessions
- Reliable and flexible authentications system
- Full AES + RSA encrypted connections
- Auto image quality/speed optimization
- Fast performance on low-bandwith connections
- Autoscaling, clipboard sync, interface on 17+ languages.
- Auto/manual Win lock.

AeroAdmin is a quick and easy multi task solution worth trying and using.

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